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“Treehouse Kids Academy” is owned and operated by Ann Griffee, who came to Idaho with her parents and siblings in 1992.  She opened her first childcare business in 2000 from her home in the Sun Valley area, and as her business and experience grew, so did her love and passion for quality early childhood education.  

Several years later she relocated with her children to the Treasure Valley, and opened our Nampa center in 2013, where we are located today.


 We are beyond excited to announce our third location in Meridian – newly renovated – opening SUMMER 2024. ENROLLING NOW!

Garden City

In 2022, we were offered the opportunity to expand, bringing quality early childhood education to a second location in the Treasure Valley. 

Subsequently we opened our doors and began welcoming Garden City families into our Treehouse family.

Dedicated Educators

Learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. 

Our Early Educators are Foundation Leaders in our community. They undergo thorough enhanced background checks. Every staff member has their Pediatric/Infant First Aid & CPR certification and are trained in child abuse, awareness, and prevention. They are continually working on their professional development through IdahoSTARS, Lee Pesky Learning Center and Idaho AEYC.

Their weekly lesson plans are created with care and attention to detail to help your child meet all their developmental milestones.

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom. 

First-Rate Curriculum

We use  Learning Beyond Paper as it is a research-based, classroom-tested curriculum for Infants to Pre-K 4. 

Learning Beyond Paper is designed to create learning opportunities for children through peer-based activities and intentional interactions with their teachers.

Our teachers will have access to the full curriculum, providing strong support for our learners, opportunities for differentiated instruction, and social-emotional development. LB also includes a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) focus throughout, and @HomeConnections Newsletters to keep you informed on everything your children are learning. 

CDC Developmental Milestones

The CDC’s Developmental Milestones is the assessment tool used by our teachers to evaluate and track each child’s individual development during their time at Treehouse Kids Academy. 

It is an on-going assessment system, meaning that teachers are continually watching, observing, and documenting each child’s development. 

The same tool is used from birth through kindergarten, to allow a more complete picture of children’s development. 

By tracking a child’s development, our teachers are able to plan activities that are appropriate for each child’s developmental abilities.

Security and Safety

To ensure that you feel absolutely comfortable leaving your children in our care, we have implemented a number of safety and security measures, including doors that lock from the inside, and cameras throughout all areas – indoor and outdoor. 

Monitors are located in the offices and Director and Owner have unlimited, remote access to ensure added security. 

Additionally, you will be given a 4 digit PIN to enter the building. This number is unique to your family and may only be used by persons you have authorized for drop off and pick up.


We are proud to offer Procare, the #1 Childcare Management Software. 

It is a secure program that provides a personalized credentialed access code for you and any of your authorized pick up persons to check your children in and out. 

The Procare child care mobile app allows our parents to be immersed in their children’s day-to-day activities, which includes tracking developmental milestones, sharing photos and videos as well as enabling two-way communication. 

We also use Procare’s integrated payment processing system for tuition and invoices, ensuring that your data and transactions are safe and secure. 

Healthy Meals and Snacks

Because we understand the importance of good nutrition for growing bodies and minds, we provide meals and snacks that include a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, dairy and fortified soy alternatives. 

We strive to provide foods that have limited added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium. Our goal is for our children to learn, develop and grow healthy eating habits. Making every bite count!

Another aspect of healthy eating habits includes an understanding of what and how much to eat. Therefore we have implemented the practice family-style dining as it offers the opportunity for children to learn how to choose healthy foods in age-appropriate portions, as well as the social skills used during dining.

Stopping the Spread of Germs

Providing a healthy, safe, and nurturing learning environment for our students is our highest priority. 

We pride ourselves in following comprehensive health and safety practices, and staying updated with guidance from the Idaho Health Department to ensure the well-being of our students and staff.

Our sick policy helps us maintain a clean and healthy environment. 

We also practice and encourage good hygiene, such as handwashing, covering our mouths when we cough and using tissues when needed.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Because we understand that young children are especially susceptible to illnesses, our staff regularly sanitizes and disinfects classrooms and common areas. 

We give extra attention to high-touch areas, such as drinking fountains, sink handles, door knobs, light switches and toys, and we utilize checklists provided by IdahoSTARS to meet quality standards.

Idaho Child Care Program

We partner with Idaho Department of Health & Welfare in their Idaho’s Child Care Program, (ICCP), which helps low income families with the cost of child care. 

Assistance is available to families with parents who are employed, attend school or participate in an approved activity.

We are also proud to partner with Child Care Aware® of America who work with the United States Military and Department of Defense to serve and support their families through the Fee Assistance and Respite Child Care Programs.


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